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About us

Welcome to the original Uof6ix store! Uof6ix was created by the Orientation Team at the University of Toronto Students' Union in hopes of creating unity across the campus and connecting students to the 6ix at large. University of Toronto students can take pride in studying on a beautiful campus in the vibrant city of Toronto, and our products are a celebration of that. We are located in the UTSU building located at 12 Hart House Circle, Toronto Ontario. The curated line of Uof6ix products are available for purchase for a limited time, to help fund UTSU Week of Welcome 2016 while allowing students across UofT to come together and join in on the celebrations. We encourage you to show your Uof6ix pride and join us throughout our UTSU Week of Welcome events in September! 
Watch this space and follow us on social media for the latest updates, giveaways and contests and check out our social media accounts.
For inquiries please contact store@utsu.ca.